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Closing Date: 2023-12-06 Reference NO: TEACHER-VA-88777
Number of Jobs: 12 Category: Governmental
Work Type: Part Time Salary: 30000 AFN/m
Education: 12th Class Experience: 7 Years
Nationality: Afghan Gender: Male
Kabul, Herat, Ghazni

Job Description

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, or ACCA. A Master’s degree will be preferred.
  • Certificates in Accounting and Finance or CCNA is an asset.
  • The internal audit officer should have at least 3-5 years of working experience in the internal audit/audit field.
  • Special fraud detection skills, efficient cost reduction skills, negotiating, and protection of assets.
  • Ability to communicate in Dari, Pashto and English Languages (Written and Verbal).
  • Capable of working independently and with minimum supervision.
  • Able to travel to all provinces of Afghanistan.


Job Requirements

  • Prepare or contribute to the preparation of work plans, including risk assessment, and audit programs for assurance and/or consulting engagements.
  • Determine compliance with AWCC policies, procedures, and management.
  • Process rental and electricity vouchers and record their data in the excel sheet for follow-up and prevention of fraud associated with the double process of the payments.
  • Address the main issues within PRs, vouchers, bills and etc. to the correspondent department and evaluate their respective justifications/responses.
  • Giving feedback to the AWCC regions officers for efficient reduction of the daily normal and operational costs.
  • Conduct high-efficiency audit in daily tasks in order to maintain high transparency and avoid any kind of fraud.
  • Evaluate the quality control of purchased items from the audit aspects and provide feedback to the correspondent department.
  • Arrange meetings with Procurement, Power, Operation, and other concerned departments for the easiness in daily tasks and to reduce the weekly costs efficiently.
  • For the processes audited, review and evaluate the system of management controls and assess their adequacy and effectiveness and, where appropriate, draft potential recommendations for improvements.
  • Verify quotations for reasonableness and check payment documentation.
  • Do random market visits and cross-check prices.
  • Make sure that the requested costs are in accordance with the audit/procurement policy and not exceeded the normal market rate.
  • Draft segments of the reports and communications on the results of work performed, for review by the head of the Internal Audit department.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures of the company and recommend improvements.
  • Ensure that procedures, processes, work systems, and mechanisms are adequate to provide proper control measures on purchase vouchers.
  • Obtain required information directly or indirectly through examination of records or interviews with staff.
  • Perform random internal audits of the different departments in Kabul and other regional offices in provinces.
  • Perform compliance, operational, financial and IT audits.
  • Perform special investigation in the headquarter and provinces.
  • Submit reports to the audit head, covering all relevant items with recommendations on remedial actions where deficiencies were noted.
  • Conduct discussions and take the advice of the audit head on various normal and operational costs of the AWCC.
  •  Perform any other tasks as recommended per the audit head’s instructions.

Submission Guideline

  • Responsible for the planning, implementing and supervision of all project activities in the province including of DIC and outreach on regular basis.
  • Supervision of all HIV related health facilities
  • To prepare and implement an annual action plan of project as per the performance indicators
  • Provide monthly and quarterly progress report of the project
  • Promote an enabling environment in the project area
  • To facilitate safe and easy access to appropriate health services for People Who Inject Drugs
  • Capacity building of staff through providing training
  • Attend all official meeting, workshop and events of harm reduction
  • Arrangement of weekly and monthly meetings to identify shortfalls and to evolve corrective measures/plan of action
  • To insure that harm reduction services are provided in a proper manner in DIC and outreach
  • To ensure excellent communication with team and target group.
  • All HIV positive cases should be followed and reported to ANPASH within one week.
  • All HIV positive cases should be referred to ART center as soon as possible and also screen for TB.
  • Ensure sufficient supply of test kits, medical consumable, office supplies and harm reduction supply ( condoms, syringe)
  • Ensure the confidentiality of client information
  • To work in line with MoPH Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform any other related duty assigned by line manager

Submission Email / Link

Submission Email:

About Employer

Afghanistan is experiencing a low and concentrated HIV epidemic and among the countries in Central and South Asia that are confronted with a growing risk of HIV and AIDS, mainly due to the high incidence of people who inject drug. HIV prevalence is 4.4 % in People Who Inject Drug (PWID).

The first HIV case was reported in 1989 in Afghanistan and the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) has taken important steps in addressing the epidemic. The Afghanistan National Program for Control of AIDs,STI & Hepatitis (ANPASH) was established in 2003 under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

Under the leadership of ANPASH Ministry of Public Health the country is implementing National Strategic Plan (NSP-III) 2016-2020 in collaboration with several national and international agencies. The country has multi-sectorial approach to control the spread of HIV with specific interventions for key affected population, vulnerable papulation and general papulation.

Until December 2017 a total of 2522 HIV cases have been registered with the national AIDS Program, While the World Health Organization and UNAIDS have estimated this number 7,500 in the county.


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